Pricing & Services Offered

Pricing Information

Curious about what it’s going to cost you to have your tax returns prepared this year?

Most people are… yet they find that some major tax preparation chains will provide no more than vague estimates or deceptively low “starts at” figures.

It’s true that because family and business tax situations vary almost endlessly, it’s not possible to offer a “one size fits all” price. This is why most CPA firms charge by the hour, while the big chains have massive price lists with every form (and lines within forms) priced separately.

Here at Clarity we do it a little differently. We’re following the new trend of value pricing. Our services can be billed on an annual, or quarterly basis. Most clients pay a single fixed fee for continuing service throughout the year.

Clarity’s pricing on average is lower than accounting firms in the region, and higher than small tax offices offering instant filings. We search for deductions on every file, and ask follow-up questions from every client.

Pricing is generally higher during the first year of preparation, and lowers to a consistent price on an annual basis if a client is organized and turns in all documentation at once and before March 15th.  If an extension is required, estimates of your tax liability will be prepared and payment vouchers created assuming all income documentation is submitted by April 8th. See the tabs in each section for examples of flat rate pricing.

All Tax Filings include:

  • A consultation with a CPA at the beginning and ending of the return filing process, either in person or by phone, if desired.
  • Complimentary E-filing, State and Federal (when available) or paper filing with revenue agencies including postage.
  • Copies of all returns in paper & electronic format.
  • An option to sign returns through Docusign to expedite the filing process.
  • An accuracy guarantee. Clarity will cover any penalties and interest (but not any additional tax liabilities) for any preparation errors assuming all income and expense documentation was submitted by the client*
  • Archival of your returns. We keep all filed returns indefinitely.
  • Year-round accessibility to your tax professional at a fixed brick & mortar location.

* Inquire for details.