Clarity Tax Service’s ‘No Secrets’ Pricing System

Curious about what it’s going to cost you to have your tax returns prepared this year?

Most people are… yet they find that some major tax preparation chains will provide no more than vague estimates or deceptively low “starts at” figures.

It’s true that because family and business tax situations vary almost endlessly, it’s not possible to offer a “one size fits all” price. This is why most CPA firms charge by the hour, while the big chains have massive price lists with every form (and lines within forms) priced separately.

Here at Clarity we do it a little differently. Our price levels cover most of all individuals and small business 1040 returns. New clients, occasionally complex tax situations, rarely used forms, excessive number of source documents and correspondence , or poorly organized source documents that require exceptional amounts of time. In such cases, we add for our time (at our normal hourly rates), or a per form additional charge.

Pricing and Service Policies

Flat Rate Tax Preparation Package Pricing:

All 1040 Tax Return Packages include:

  • Federal 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ
  • Oregon Forms 40, 40S, or 40P
  • Complimentary E-filing, State and Federal (when available) or paper filing with revenue agencies
  • Copy of return in paper format and as a PDF file (upon request)
  • Archival of your returns (We keep all filed returns and supporting documentation indefinitely)