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Amy Kennedy, CPA, Oregon Licensed Tax Consultant


Amy Kennedy, a third generation Seattle native, has lived in Portland since 1992. She holds a BS in psychology and a post-baccalaureate degree in accounting, both from Washington State University. In addition to being a licensed tax consultant in Oregon, Amy holds a CPA license in Washington State. She has also served as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners, helping update the state’s Tax Consultant’s Exam. Amy has taken coursework toward a Masters in Taxation at Golden Gate University.

Her professional experience includes a stint as the Controller of a $20 million international commodities trading company; over eighteen years of experience in tax preparation and other accounting work in the public accounting field; and in private practice in a variety of industries including construction, retail, and service. In her spare time, Amy enjoys travel, piano, running with her white German Shepherd Leela, and strategy board games.

Her current position is President of Clarity Tax Service. She handles all types of tax issues, including interaction with the I.R.S. and other taxing authorities, as well as all traditional accounting work and QuickBooks setups and clean-ups.

Roger Keeling, Oregon Licensed Tax Preparer

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In May of 2017, Roger left Clarity to pursue another business opportunity in Santa Cruz, CA.  He can still be reached via this site.

Roger Keeling, a native Californian, has lived in Oregon since 1994. He holds a BA in political science from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and post-baccalaureate work in accounting and tax preparation. Professionally, Roger spent over 25 years in direct response campaign writing and development for a small army of national charitable, environmental, human rights, and scientific non-profit organizations; he estimates that his direct mail work generated in excess of $85 million for his clients during those decades. He has also been a consultant on business operations for non-profits, advising them on fundraising and membership development, and occasionally on program development.

About a decade ago, Roger moved into the tax field. He now has eleven years of experience in professional tax preparation, at a major tax chain for four years and – since then – with Clarity Tax. As Vice President of Clarity Tax Service, he handles in-house operations and strategic planning, promotion and development, and – of course – preparation of individual tax returns.

In his spare time, Roger enjoys photography, home remodeling, political blogs, and hiking through Oaks Bottom.