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Clarity Tax Service, Inc.

Since 2006

Accepting New Clients for the 2023 Filing Season

1730 SW Skyline Blvd.

Suite 201

Portland, OR 97221

Office Phone: 503.236.1040

Amy’s Direct Mobile/Text: 971.570.9240

Fax: 503.236.1050


(For your security, I will never contact you from a different email or phone number than those listed above. I work alone without support or contract staff, and have since 2017.  Clarity Tax will never sell your financial information or give your contact information to other companies or individuals without your express consent)

The building has ample free parking on site.  Transit is easily accessed by Max Blue Line and Route 58.

  • In-person office hours are by appointment only.  Zoom and phone consultations are available on short notice with the exception of late October though early November each year.

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